A nonprofit instrumentality of the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority

Building for Tomorrow (BFT) provides residents of the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority (AMHA) and other low income individuals with tools to reach their potential and to move beyond assisted housing and other public assistance.  We focus on educational success, economic self-sufficiency and independent living. BFT strives to create a supportive sense of community where residents, no matter their stage in life, are given the power to realize and obtain a brighter future.

AMHA formed the tax-exempt, non-profit Building for Tomorrow as a 501(c)(3) corporation to provide social services, educational services, and financial assistance with basic necessities and services to encourage self-sufficiency for low income persons who reside in AMHA housing or otherwise participate in programs and services offered by AMHA and its partners.  The mission of BFT is to support services to residents of AMHA and other low-income individuals that promote stability, education and economic independence as a means to strengthen the greater community. 

BFT was formed to capture financial support from foundations and other philanthropic organizations and individuals to enable AMHA to expand and sustain services that support basic needs, encourage economic self-sufficiency, promote school readiness and otherwise contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty. 

BFT is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Internal Revenue Code including, for such purposes, providing social services, educational services and financial assistance with the basic necessities to low income persons who apply for or reside in AMHA housing or who participate in federal, state or local voucher programs undertaken by the Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority.


Programs supported by Building for Tomorrow

Reach Opportunity Center at Summit Lake

The Reach Opportunity Center (Reach) is a community-based education and support center. The center is dedicated to fostering a thriving community in the Summit Lake neighborhood of Akron, Ohio by supporting the education of Summit Lake residents. The Center was founded on the vision of a group of nonprofit and public sector leaders, the Reach Collaborative, and offers the residents of the Summit Lake neighborhood educational opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. The center was built on the grounds of the City of Akron, Summit Lake Community Center on the banks of Summit Lake in Akron, Ohio and is owned and operated by Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority and Akron Public Schools.  The Reach Collaborative, the center's governing body, is comprised of over a dozen community organizations.  The center opened in the summer of 2014.

AMHA's Early Childhood Initiative

AMHA has found an efficient way to provide high quality early care and education to the 3,000 children under age five, living in AMHA housing (nearly 10% of children that age living in Summit County).  ECI, a school-readiness program, operates under the premise that investments in early care and education deliver economic returns and provide a foundation for success later in life.  ECI’s main role is to connect with families to build relationships of trust and empower parents to be their child’s first and most important teacher.  All other services are provided through referrals to valued community partners.  By coordinating resources already existing within the county infrastructure, ECI is able to provide comprehensive services to meet each developmental need.  The award winning ECI is aligned with Summit County First Things First. 


Community CARES: Self-Sufficiency Coach

AMHA addresses gaps in services and knowledge that impede low-income families in achieving financial and life stability.  The Bridges Out of Poverty/Getting Ahead curriculum is used to address motivation, change, communication skills, planning, self-assessment, overcoming barriers, while complementing community building and heightening successful outcomes.  Getting Ahead graduates and other residents receive stipends to attend programming designed as leadership opportunities and as resident volunteers for AMHA programs and events.  Financial assistance (stipends to address barriers to employment, job search, education or self-help efforts, down payment assistance for homeowners; incentives for accomplishments) will address impediments to successful use of opportunities to work, learn and participate.

Edgewood Village Resident Services

Edgewood Village Resident Services reflects Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority's strong belief that Edgewood Village goes far beyond bricks and mortar. The community offers residents opportunities to participate in the revitalization of their community and build a better life for themselves and their families.

The Resident Services staff consists of a program manager, two full-time case managers and a computer lab assistant. The case managers work with residents to develop Individual Development Plans. This Plan incorporates goals based on the needs of each resident.

Resident Services coordinates opportunities such as employment counseling, financial classes and educational tutoring. Clients also have access to childcare services, a computer lab and some transportation services.

Thank you, Funders!

AMHA Employees

Betty V. & John M. Jacobson Foundation

Board of Directors Annual Giving Fund of the Akron Community Foundation

Burton D. Morgan Foundation

Charles E. & Mabel Ritchie Memorial Foundation

Common Good Consulting, Inc.

Demetros Charitable Trust

GAR Foundation

John A. McAlonan Fund of the Akron Community Foundation

John S. & James L. Knight Foundation

Laura R. & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation

Lehner Family Foundation

Lisle M. Buckingham Fund of the Akron Community Foundation

Lloyd L. & Louise K. Smith Foundation

Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation

Maynard Family Foundation

Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing

Ohio Children's Trust Fund

PNC Foundation

Read Family Fund of the Akron Community Foundation

Robert W. Briggs Fund of the Akron Community Foundation

Sisler McFawn Foundation

United Way of Summit County

Welty Family Foundation

William Lowery

Women's Endowment Fund of the Akron Community Foundation

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